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We are excited to offer a heartworm special for the months of April and May. We will give 20% off (10% additional off for seniors and military) for all heartworm tests and heartworm tests with tick-born panels that we run in our clinic. We will also be offering 20% off (10% additional off for seniors and military) all purchases of 12 month supplies of heartworm prevention. Give us a call to set up an appointment or request a refill of your pet's medication!
Heartworm disease is a serious, progressive disease. The earlier it is detected, the better the chances the pet will recover. Annual testing is necessary even when dogs are on heartworm prevention year-round, to ensure that the prevention program is working.
The test requires just a small blood sample from your pet and can be processed here at Acequia Animal Hospital with results in 10 minutes.
If your dog has had any ticks in the past year we also offer a more comprehensive heartworm test with tick-borne disease panel.
Heartworm is transmitted by mosquitoes and it only takes one bite from a mosquito to acquire heartworm. Many mosquitoes and ticks do survive through the winter months. Even indoor dogs are susceptible to heartworm disease.
If your dog tests positive for heartworm disease further testing should be done. Heartworm preventatives are highly effective, but not 100% effective. If you don't get your dog tested, you won't know if your dog needs treatment.
The American Heartworm Society has a great website with lots of information including a map showing the incidents of heartworm disease in the United States and a life cycle of the heartworm.

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If you live in Albuquerque or the surrounding area in NM, then you have picked the perfect site to find a veterinarian. Dr. Sharon Holland, DVM, Dr. Holene Meuser, DVM, and Dr. Bonnie Gray-Dees, DVM are licensed veterinarians, specializing in cats and dogs. Your pet's health and well being is very important to us and we will take every step to give your pet the best possible care.

Acequia Animal Hospital is a full service animal hospital and will take both emergency cases as well as less urgent medical, surgical, and dental issues. Our veterinarians are experienced in all types of conditions and treatments. Beyond first rate pet care, we make our clinic comfortable, kid-friendly, and a very calm environment so your pet can relax in the waiting room and look forward to meeting his or her own Albuquerque veterinarian.

We have a number of resources for you to learn about how to take better care of your pets. Browse around and look at our articles and pet videos. The best veterinary care for animals is ongoing nutrition and problem prevention. If you want to ask a question call (505) 898-1050 or email us and we'll promptly get back to you. Albuquerque Veterinarian Clinic is very easy to get to, and you can find directions on our Contact Us page. You can also subscribe to our newsletter which is created especially for Albuquerque pet owners. In between your veterinary visits, your pet will benefit from you reading these free informative articles.

At Acequia Animal Hospital, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

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